Do you waste a lot of time in managing documents, searching for it and generating lost one?

If your answer is yes….then,

  • We have got a perfect solution for you KDOC® Plus.
  • KDOC® Plus store, organize and manage all your business files on the cloud at a centralized location.
  • The software assigns a unique id to each document, that helps you to retrieve it easily with just a few clicks.
  • And the best part is KDOC® Plus support all the extensions hence you can manage any files, documents, images, videos, backups etc.
  • Also categorized the documents into working, history and archive to maintain the clutter free environment.

Keep Your Files Available Whenever Required

With everything stored, organized and managed in a centralized location, now you can conveniently share your files with your colleagues and partners

  • Profiling window & Metadata

    Uniform file and folder naming convention generate a proper hierarchy and save your files with metadata & that enable the retrieval with multiple options. Profiling window and indexing let you enter all the required details and manage your documents effectively.

  • Categorization

    Organize your documents by categorizing them under folders and sub-folders. Segregate files into working, imported, archive, historical etc. and remove unnecessary clutter from the workspace, enabling easy access.

  • Centralized Storage

    Store all the documents and files at a single centralized location and provide easy retrieval and sharing of document. Storing data at centralized single location ensure security and safety of the documents and files. Benefits Of having organized and managed file system

  • Increase in Productivity

    It is estimated that data management and record keeping activities consume over 90% of the average workers time. By automatic managing and organizing files you increase the productivity and flexibility to meet the need of the office.

  • Improved Information Management

    Having well organised file structure and document naming convention improves the probability of finding the important and critical data when they required.

  • Easy to search & retrieve

    Through profiling and metadata the documents and files retrieval process are quicker. When it comes to find a specific document based on document properties users can find the document they are looking for, in just a few clicks.

  • Save Time & Cost

    Fast filing and retrieval of files and information save hours’ time. File loss prevention saves time and human resource from generating it again. It also prevents unfavorable audit findings and penalties.

Download the KDOC® Plus now and start managing your documents effectively and save your time.