Key Features of KDOC® Plus File Management Solution

Online Storage

All the documents stored at cloud on a single location and can be access from anywhere at any time through web.

Documents Management

Store and manage all the business records and documents in an organized way based on the record management system of the company

MS-office Integration

With the help of KDOC® Plus plugin MS-office and outlook get integrated with system and the documents automatically get stored in the system.

Customize System

You can customize and setup the system according to your organizational policies. You can define metadata and categories that suits you best

Admin Control Panel

Administrator has the rights to add users and define permission. With access rights mechanism you can ensure that only related users can access the files.

Retrieval of Documents

By making profiling compulsory either automated or semi-automated it enable record management for easy listing, sorting and retrieval.

Version Control

The system keeps track of every modifications with the change logs. If a mistake is made you can turn back the clock and fix it.

Email Management

The software is seamlessly integrated with outlook facilitates moving or copying of important email into KDOC® Plus repository and making it easier to track conversation and assets details.

KDOC® Plus – One Complete Solution

Cloud-based solution

Record Management

Document Scanning

Document Hierarchy

Centralized storage




Search & Retrieval

Database back-up

Connect with Microsoft office & outlook

Edit document

Support multiple file types

Restricted Access

Meta data attribution


Advantage Associated With KDOC® Plus

Clutter Free Well Organized Files

With metadata, labels and categories file organized properly and transferred automatically at single location also you can retrieve the desired file in matter of seconds

Secure Your Files and Documents

With secured storage and access rights you can save your sensitive and important information falling into wrong hands and safeguard your business from irreparable damage.

Save Time/Cost for Your organization

Profiling and indexing function let you retrieve files in just a few clicks, now your employees don’t have to spend hours in retrieving files and generating lost or misplaced one.

Eliminate Duplicity

The system assigns unique ID for each document, hence avoiding duplication. Also the filing structure is so clear that it won't mislead you to save same file at multiple location.

KDOC® Plus Is Ideal For


Those who required lots of paper work and all the documents are need to revised and forwarded multiple times. Like government organization, factories, industries and more

Law/Accounting & Finance Firms

Those where all invoices, receipts, and all other transactions are recoded and stored and maintained. Like law firms, accounting, finance and other related industries.

Educational Organization

Those where research and knowledge base are required to stored, secured and centralized so that it can be accessible instantly. Like research institutes, universities and other similar kind of sectors


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