As a business owner, you are experiencing significant challenges in security and management of your documents and employees.

The more employees you have, the more important is to manage them and determine their level of access.

And the solution for constructive security and proper administration lies in role-based access mechanism.

By defining your employee’s access rights you can simplify your management and increase the security of your documents.

Administrator Privileges

Control all documents, user accounts and set up user-related data

Add users account

Add, create and delete the account of users and manage their activities

Set roles and privilege

Determine the levels of access to each user by assigning the roles.

Group types

Instead of assigning individual right to each user you can create group

Manage documents

As an administrator, you have the complete access to all the documents

Backup documents

Only the users with administrator rights are allowed to back-up the documents

Benefits of admin control panel

  • Organise and control documents flow and users
  • Develop an appropriate assets management
  • Automate and streamline your workflow
  • Improve the productivity and efficiency of the life cycle processes of all the documents

In this way, KDOC® Plus admin panel will increase your productivity and give an insight of your documents and activities going on.

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