As an organization do you struggle to protect your most valuable assets: confidential and sensitive data?

We know that

Documents are key element of any organization. Managing and controlling the documents and its data is key to business continuity and the management of business risk.

We integrated KDOC® Plus with proper security functions to provide document security and privacy controls to prevent unauthorized access disclosure of sensitive, private, and confidential information.

The security of data is important to comply with industry standard and to to the success of an organization.

Security Measures Integrated into KDoc Plus

Permission of administrator required in order to access the documents, this feature ensure any kind of unauthorized access to documents.

With access right mechanism the administrator provide role-based permission, so that users cannot make any random changes to a certain document unless and until he is permitted to do so.

All the documents are stored in a single storage location and secured from infected files or virus. And with central admin panel administrator can track all the activities.

KDOC® Plus provides storage security, it automatically backed-up all the documents for maximum redundancy and business continuity.

If the safety of your personal and business records is of the utmost importance then use KDOC® Plus now.

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