Have you ever lost an important file?

Still wavering about going paperless?

We know that the amount documents you need to maintain in record framework for a long run can be daunting.


We have a great solution that will let you switch from paper to digital documents and save both money and storage space.

i.e. Scanning and saving of documents!

Scanning makes it difficult to lose anything- as long as it’s indexed properly.

KDOC® Plus scanning feature, transform paper sheets in electronic documents and let you organized it in centralized repository with their properties.


Now you can easily fetch the required files and will not be lost forever.

Scan and save unlimited documents

Scan the document

Enter the metadata tags

Save you document

Benefits Of Document Digitization

More Office Space

Paper documents are easily taking several rooms for storage space which is costly. BY digitizing you can store 1000s files into gigabyte storage space and frees up office space so that it can be used for other purpose.

Quick Retrieval

In old paperwork system you have to haunt through the dozen of cabinets or a large pile of files and papers that clutter across your office which is quite time consuming. But after digitizing your documents you can access it in no time.

Preserve Information

You want to preserve the important and legal documents for years to come. Disastrously, the aging process accelerates every time they’re handled. Digitizing your document is the “last touch” solution that let you protect your critical data from physical crumbling.

Improved Data Security

Securing hard copy information from unauthorized access is difficult. Scanned documented can be easily protected by password and securely stored in cloud. You can also define access level with the help of access right mechanism.

Audit Compliance

Document scanning makes it simpler for your organization to satisfy its legitimate and administrative Compliance. Digital files are easy to indexed, organized and produced quickly to meet the requests of even the strictest evaluator.

So if you’re interested in converting your documents and records to digital format,
download KDOC® Plus document management solution today.

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