Do you ever want to go back in time and undo what you have done?

I know you did…

And I also know that, it’s not possible in case of your life timeline…until now.

But in case of your files and documents, you can go back and restore an older version if you want to.

That is what Version and History control function in KDOC® Plus will do for you.

Essentially you could look back to any former version of your work and restore it.

Being able to restore previous versions of a document or a project or research file adequately implies one thing: you can't mess up! If the progressions you've made recently turn out to be trash, you can essentially fix them in a few click.

What is Version & History Control Function?


History of the document generated automatically with date and time references, every time you save the documents.


Version of the document is created by you with proper changelog and meta description.

Why You Need Version & History Control For Your Documents

  • To compare files, identify differences, and merge the changes if needed
  • To prevent data loss and restore previous version if mistake is made
  • To track activities and see what changes have been made
  • To understand how document has evolved overtime
  • To easily collaborate with your team member

Version & History control function provide immense value when things don’t go to plan. With KDOC® Plus we ensure you, you’ll be more efficient in every aspect of your document generation.

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